Brand Video

I loved tackling this project. 
I directed, edited, and came up with the tagline "Armored Jeans For Every Day".

WorseForWear is a motorcycle jeans company that specializes in making fashionable women's jeans that has extreme durability and impact resistance. All of their marketing is geared towards the fact that you can wear their pants at any time and don't have to sacrifice quality, comfort, and crash protection to stay looking good.
I decided to concept around that basic premise, that these jeans can be worn everyday of the week. From riding your motorcycle around with your friends, to working on bikes, cooking out, or dancing around a fire, you'll be comfortable, protected, and look good the whole time.

Client: WorseForWear
Sound Design: Overcoast
Director & Editor: Pete Szijarto
Director of Photography: Jason Parks

"7 Days of Wear" :07